Pumpkin the Kitten – English

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Pumpkin the Kitten came out in Hebrew 2004 and was an ongoing success ever since, reaching over 200,000 children in Israel, thus receiving a Platinum Book certificate from the Israeli Publisher's Association. It has entered and reentered educational programs of the Israeli Board of Education, such as "The Bookshelf" and "The Book Parade", in which it had won 3rd place for kindergarten age and 5th place for grades 1-3. It was translated into Arabic (2006, CACL, Israel), English (2023, Gefen PH, Ohio) & Croatian (2023, Kazmir-Promet, Zagreb) and was adapted for the popular show "Nice Butterfly" on "The Educational TV".

Its audience is 3-9.

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רב המכר "החתול דלעת" בגרסה האמריקאית – למכירה בישראל בלבד!

My biggest best seller for children

Sold over 220K copies and won Platinum.

Translated into English (US), Arabic & Croatian.

Won top places of "Book Parade" prog. both in kindergartens and elementary schools (vast age range of 3-9).

On of 9 books to comprise the all-time "Bookshelf" prog. of the Israeli Board of Education.

For international sales please see the book on Amazon.com

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